The perfection of the Fertigation since 1877


We are the regional office of the Middle East division of Angibaud Derome & Spécialités (ADS), we are based in Cairo, and this web site is dedicated to the products and services that ADS proposed to our customers in the region.

Angibaud, is the European leader in organic fertilization, conceives, manufactures and markets organic and mineral fertilizer, organic minerals and organic enriching agents.

Angibaud, a major player in the different trades within the fertilization industry, is traditionally known as the specialist of transformation by composting of organic matter into fertilizers.

Angibaudis also present in the markets of foliar nutrition and fertigation through its sister company ANGIBAUDSPECIALITIES as well as in the market of crop-support through PROVEG – another sisters company.


  • Production sites, close to areas of consumption, which combine production flexibility with responsible manufacturing traceability.
  • A research and development laboratory containing all the recognised expertise in the field of organic matter.
  • A quality control laboratory responsible for analysing everything from raw materials to finished products.
  • Teams of agricultural engineers specialized in different trades who ensure technical support and the development of new products.
  • A network of representatives continuously available for distributors and farmers.

This very real method of team work allows innovation and better adaptation of products to the various needs and wide diversity of agriculture.

Angibaud's specificity is based, among other things, on the development of an original organic fertilizer, Guano de poisson  (Fish Guano). Truly unique because of its origin, composition and method of activation this natural fertilizer complies with all corresponding agricultural requirements, and falls perfectly within quality standards.


More than 130 years of experience in fertilizing.

During the years of 1865 - 1870, many whales swam aground on the coasts of the Isle of Ré.

The surprised Isle of Ré inhabitants, rapidly becoming overwhelmed by the decomposing bodies, decided to dismember them and to bury the remains.

They then had a second surprise when some months later the inhabitants noticed that harvests were more abundant and copious in those places where the whales had been buried.

Louis-André Angibaud, an inhabitant of the Isle of Ré, then remembered the origin and advantages of the “Guano du Pérou” (the result of digestion of fish by seabirds) and developed an industrial process of the biological transformation of fish by–products into fertilizer.

Created in 1877 in La Rochelle the Angibaud Company has grown rapidly.

From 1914 onwards its Guano de poisson (Fish guano) was distributed in many countries - remarkable for that time.

Currently Angibaud, the Guano de poisson company, is the only enterprise in Europe to transform fish by–products into fertilizer.

In 1986 Angibaud joint one of the biggest group in the world "Veolia Environnement" and became one of its many companies specialized in the Environment activities.

Today Angibaudbecame:

Since 1990, many companies specialized in different sectors of the fertigation joint Angibaud, last one was Derome.

The new name of Angibaud became:

Angibaud Derome & Spécialités (ADS)